It’s the basic treatment to remove oxide trails caused by thermic alterations (such as welding). Pickling is not just an aesthetic treatment to remove the “welding dark color”.
Actually, a good pickling action has to remove the chrome depleted surface layer consequently to thermic alterations, sensitive area for corrosive attacks as it’s not protected; it cleans the “welding dark color” only as a secondary effect.

A good pickling treatment takes about from 1 to 2 hours and has to act on a clean and degreased surface, because if there is oil or grease, then the pickling product works only as degreaser and not as pickler. For this reason the degreasing treatment is essential before pickling.

It’s possible to carry out this treatment by spray, immersion or brush.
Suggested products are WE DEK 10 L - WE DEK 20 L - WE DEK 100 GELWE DEK 100 GEL SPRAY - WE DEK 125 GEL and WE DEK 125 GEL SPRAY.
Instructions for use are described in our operating sheets and appropriately detailed by our technical service.