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... Solutions for the surface treatment of metals

WE KEM develops professional chemical products, thanks to its experience in various fields of application of the surface treatment , enables the sales and technical staff to follow step by step the customer, starting from a consulting service aimed at analyzing its needs as well as to define the optimal process technology for its production type.


WE KEM, through his staff constantly present in the territory, proposes lines of chemicals suitable for surface treatment of specific metals for the Stainless Steel , Copper - Brass and derived alloys, carbon steel , aluminum and steel COR-TEN.


The two types of electrochemical systems: WELD CLEANOX and WELD CLEANOX S-DIGIT have been designed and manufactured to perform the removal of oxides and thermal alterations formed after the welding and cutting steel on steel.


WE KEM offers simple, fast and secure TEST-KIT for who must guarantee and verify the state of passivation of its products according to ASTM standards, through the surface free iron checking presence (FERROXYL TEST, TEST COPPER SULFATE) and of a KIT - specific REAGENT to distinguish the AISI 304 steel from the AISI 316 highlighting the presence of molybdenum (MOLYBDENUM DETECTOR).

we present WELD CLEANOX S-DIGIT with digital adjustment of functions via a simple display (also multilingual) and with the possibility of working in TWO OPERATORS SIMULTANEOUSLY

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