Products and Services

Surface treatments

WE KEM offers a wide range of chemical products for the treatment of stainless steel fabrications.

To ensure the rust of Stainless Steel, it is ESSENTIAL a specific working cycle.

In the range of surface treatment products as well as those dedicated to stainless steel, are formulated specifically for the Copper - Brass and derived alloys, carbon steel, aluminum and steel COR-TEN .

WE KEM offers simple, fast and secure TEST-KIT for who must guarantee and verify the state of passivation of its products according to ASTM standards, through the surface free iron checking presence (FERROXYL TEST, TEST COPPER SULFATE) and of a KIT - specific REAGENT to distinguish the AISI 304 steel from the AISI 316 highlighting the presence of molybdenum (MOLYBDENUM DETECTOR).

Sub-contract work

WE KEM through specialized companies in the sector, provides a service for the type of surface treatment both in immersion and outer areas with the use of specific gel applicable on large artifacts.


WE KEM through specialized companies in the plant engineering sector provides manual and automatic systems as standard, designed to meet the demands of customers, also dealing chemical and environmental aspect.

Laboratory analysis

WE KEM in certified through industry analysis specialist institutes provides a dedicated support.

It is performed in-house analysis and surveys related to treatment baths and targeted testing of various metallurgy.