Electrochemical systems


What are electrochemical systems?

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Electrochemical systems are designed and realized to produce the following effects on stainless steel surfaces:

  • Degreasing of stainless steel surface;
  • Pickling of oxides as well as of thermal alterations after welding operations especially on surface points hard to reach, thanks to special tips, such as carbon fiber brushes;
  • Maintenance and deoxidization of large areas;
  • Electro-polishing finishing touches;
  • Electro-chemical marking (both dark and light).


WE KEM provides two types of systems: WELD CLEANOX and WELD CLEANOX S-DIGIT from different technical characteristics, but both perfectly meet the requirements listed above.


Are the ideal solution for instant ecological treatment (thanks to different types of pads and tips) of the TIG welding, TIG welding with filler material, MIG / MAG, MIG Pulsed Arc, laser, resistance orbital plasma.


The electrochemical system ensures pickling, passivation and polishing of any welding of stainless steel, regardless of surface finish, without waste of time, without halos and that they remain in the total safety of the operator.


we present WELD CLEANOX S-DIGIT with digital adjustment of functions via a simple display (also multilingual) and with the possibility of working in TWO OPERATORS SIMULTANEOUSLY

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